Logistics Center Muenchenstein

Ideally situated in the Dreilaendereck, the Logistics Center Muenchenstein offers its customers a modern infrastructure to store and handle dangerous and conventional goods. It is also functioning as a bonded warehouse.

The major part of a total of 19,000 pallet places is reserved for the storage of dangerous goods from ADR classes 2,3,4,5,6,8 and 9 with proper attention being paid to specific temperature conditions. State-of-the-art safety technology as well as our trained staff ensure an efficient handling of stationary and distribution logistics.

Apart from dangerous goods we also offer complex logistics services for conventional goods: from spare part logistics and return management, storage in a bonded warehouse to customs duty service.


  • High rack warehouse: 18‘000 palett places
  • Dangerous goods warehouse: 11‘000 pallet places:
    • With a flash point over 100 ° C: 8‘000 pallet places
    • With a flash point under 100 ° C: 3‘000 pallet places
    • Cool storage (up to 8° C): 1‘300 pallet places
    • Cooled to 18 ° C: 1‘200 pallet places
    • Cooled to 18 ° C and above: 1‘000 pallet places
  • Block storage: 1‘200 pallet places
  • Picking area: 2‘700 m2
  • Distribution and unloading area: 3‘000 m2
  • Rail wagon (2 side tracks): 9 wagons
  • Number of ramps: 24
  • Total storage capacity: 15'000m2
  • “Licensed Consignee / Forwarder“
  • The warehouse can be extended to another 4,000 pallet places
  • Infrastructure meeting the high standards of the chemical as well as the pharmaceutical industry (environmental impact assessment): water and foam sprinkler installation, air rotating installation and gas alarm
  • Platform for international transports and for National Distribution
  • 19‘000 pallet places
  • 24 covered adjustable ramps for trucks
  • Modern dangerous goods warehouse with state-of-the-art safety technology for ADR classes 2,3,4,5,6,8 and 9
  • Temperature controlled high rack warehouse on the ground floor
  • Automatic pallet lift (120 pallets per hour)
  • High tech-pallet shuttle between both 2 warehouses
  • Barcode-support for storage and handling
  • Up-to-date manipulation equipment and forklifts (explosion proof for safety warehouse)


Logistics services

  • International transports; EU transport and Sea freight, Shuttle to Basle airport
  • Customs clearance for import and export, customs office in direct vicinity of Fiege 
  • Warehousing & Distribution – Warehousing services for renowned international customers
  • Chemical logistics (dangerous goods transports, staff trained in dangerous goods safety measures, sample dispatch)
  • Automotive spare parts logistics
  • Spare part logistics
  • Complex IT-solutions for stock control
  • Commissioning, packing, value-added-services (return management, quality control, etc.)
  • National Distribution (24 hours distribution in Switzerland)
  • More customised solutions can be created within the scope of customer projects


FIEGE Logistics (Switzerland) Ltd.
Genuastrasse 11
CH - 4142 Muenchenstein

Tel.: +41 (0) 61 337 44 44

Fax: +41 (0) 61 337 44 88


E-Mail: infoCH@fiege.com